The fantastic concept of Cher'Z was established in 2011. Cher'Z began as a passion to create a fashion line of formal evening dresses with an innovative twist that celebrate elegance, timeless glamour, and supreme craftsmanship that go together in any type of formal event.

Cher'Z uses the finest fabrics and materials combined with meticulous attention to detail. Cher'Z designs beautifully eye- catching collections One of the best seller collection is “Dressing Perfection” . We also use luxurious fabrics such as: lace, chiffon, taffeta, silk crepe, and brocade all within a subtle color palette.

Cher'Z brings the fantasy of charm and glamour to life in many special occasions, weddings, formal gatherings, and dinners. Looking classy and sophisticated with style in fashion have always inspired Mrs. Zine our Creative Director.